Welcome To My Humble Abode!

And Humble, It Is!

After Many Attempts And A Painful Nights, I Have Finally Reached A Point Where There's Enough Here To Warrant Uploading.

Why Did I Make This?

IDK, I Was Bored, Wanted To Refresh My HTML Knowledge.

Why The Name?

The Name Actually Comes From The First Couple Drafts For This Site. I Was Originally Going To Form The Site's Aesthetic Around A Theoretical Sburb Land For Myself.(Homestuck Thing)

I Even Drew Up A Background For It, And Everything!
But, Alas, I Didn't Know What The Fuck I Was Doing, So I Settled For Something Shrimpler. :p

To-Do List

  • Art Page
  • Archive Page
  • History Page

UhHHHH Enjoy!